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1. Absolute silence and discipline must be maintained in the Library.

2. A Student must have his library card and admit card to enter the library. These cards are not exchangeable.

3. Students will be awarded grades on the basis of their behaviour in the library. A record of these grades will be maintained by the Librarian.

4. Students scoring D and E grades may be counselled. Such grades will be treated as Fail and it may be carried forward to report cards.

5. The cost of any damage/loss of books will be borne by parents/guardians of the students.

6. Books must be returned or renewed in time. A fine of Re.1 per day is imposed, if books are not returned in time from the date of issue.

7. All articles and personal belongings must be left out side when entering the Library.

Only a copy-book and library book, if to be returned, may be taken into the Library.

8. The students who misbehave may not be allowed to avail reading facilities.

9. Students must not bring their school bags, water bottles etc. inside the Library. These will be kept out of Library.

10. Normally books are issued for seven days and students can retain the books for not more than 14 days in any case for once.

11. Books lost must be informed to the Librarian immediately. Either the borrower has to replace the book or will have to pay thrice the printed price of the book available in the market.

12. The borrower must examine the physical condition of the book at the time of issue. If he or she finds any damage he / she should bring it to the notice of the Librarian immediately before leaving the Library. Otherwise the borrower will be held responsible for the noticed damage.

13. In case of willful damage to Library property heavy fines will be imposed on the students to prevent such cases.

14. Extreme miss-conduct in the Library may result in expulsion from school or suspension from school, for a specified period as decided by the school authorities.

15. Students are asked to take prior permission from the Librarian for availing facility at unscheduled time.

16. Books exclusively for consultation are not to be taken out of the Library. They remain available to all students all the time.

17. All magazines, reference book or books used while in the library must be put back in the proper place after reading.

18. A remark will be entered in the library of the School Almanac for every book returned late. Three such remarks will result in the withdrawal of the lending of card and fine of Rs.50/- may be imposed.

19. No fine will be charged for books overdue if a letter can be produced showing that the borrower has been absent for valid reasons.

20. Library cards are distributed once a year, in April. There are two cards (a) Library Admit Card (b) Library Lending Card. Library Admit Card is to enter the Library and Library Lending Card is to borrow a book. A lost card may be replaced by a new one but a fine of Rs. 50/- will have to be paid to the office.

21. No books may be retained during summer vacation.